Life is for living, a healthy body is a fabulous start…

This month we are featuring Peta, a wonderful soul who is living her life’s purpose. We met this gorgeous lady at Confidente and we wanted to share her story as it’s a lovely one and each and every one of us is affected every day by the foods we eat and the way we move (or don’t move) our bodies.

It resonated with us and we wanted to share it with you all…




February 2014 was the beginning of a new adventure, and little did I know at the time how much it would change my life.


Everyday was much the same for me, at the time. I would wake up sore all over, just like when you ache all over with the flu. I would never feel refreshed after a huge sleep, that’s if I wasn’t troubled with insomnia or constant racing thoughts all night. By lunchtime most days, I needed to lie down and trying to stay awake at my desk was becoming difficult. Fortunately for me, I worked from home with my husband, who always understood.
It was determined that I had an autoimmune disease called fibromyalgia and had most likely had it for many years. It made so much sense. I had all the symptoms and it was nice at the time to put a name to what I was going through.
My son, an athlete, decided that he wanted to help me improve my life and along with his tennis coach/personal trainer, I was transitioned into a regular exercise program. It was very painful at first but the more I did the better I felt. It was a strange feeling… Even though the exercise hurt me, it gave me energy and my aches lessened.
Over a 2-year period I continued to increase my activity and had progressed from walking slowly for 20 minutes, to being able to run over 4km. To begin with I had a lot of physiotherapy, as my muscles were not accustomed to such vigorous exercise. Now I only go once every few months.

The other change was my diet. As fibromyalgia is primarily inflammation I removed all inflammatory foods from my diet. These included: dairy, coffee, wheat, fried foods, sugar and all refined foods. Alcohol is another contributor to inflammation, but I haven’t had any for over 24 years due to an intolerance and dislike for the effect it has on the community.
Along with removing inflammatory foods I also increased many foods into my diet, such as: leafy greens, nuts, seeds, non-dairy milks like almond and coconut, seafood, berries and a variety of coloured vegetables. After changing my diet I feel as though my taste has changed and I now eat and enjoy food that I never ate previously.
Mental strength was another hurdle and I discovered that yoga and meditation (most days) has completely changed my outlook on life. I see the world in a completely different light. Stress no longer influences my everyday. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that we need to learn from the outcomes.

I now have more confidence that ever before, sleep better than ever before, have no unexplained pain, have lots of energy, feel happier, and most importantly I am content and accepting of who I am and no longer feel that material objects play an important part of my life.

For as long as I can remember all I ever wanted to be was an artist. I lacked the confidence and self belief and instead studied Cartography. At the beginning of 2016 I put my career of nearly 20 years behind me and have now started my adventure into being a full time artist.

It took two tough years to reach my goals but I can proudly say I am still 20kg lighter, fitter than I have been my entire life, healthier than ever before and mentally I feel free for the first time in my life.
44 years young, doing exactly what I want and loving life.




If you’d like to know more about Peta’s journey or view her artwork, follow her link below –




One of Peta’s latest pieces